Timbrey Lind - Group Class Client


Jessica is AMAZING!! I can’t say enough great things about how taking her class helped us prepare for the birth of our first baby. I am seeing Robyn Pool at PUSH Midwifery for my midwife and she introduced me to Jessica and taking her class has really answered a lot of questions and fears I feel like a traditional class doesn’t approach. She helped me personally through some situations I didn’t even want to think about… like a cesarian. This is not something I wanted to think about because it is not something I want to happen in my birth. Yet Jessica helped me think about the fact that I should be open to any situation to be prepared for the feelings if something unpredictable happens. Because it is birth after all… the most unpredictable and emotional thing a woman can go through. So to her, I am thankful for that because it has made me feel really prepared for anything to happen and to be ready for it.

I also have to say how much I loved that she included the role of the birth partners. We came into this class a little clueless even with all the research we did. And I love that Jessica set us off with a knowing of both of our roles we can take on in this adventure of birth and having our first baby, that will only empower us more as a couple and help each other get through the birth together more knowledgable and connected. HUGE! So thank you!