Peachie Hytowitz - Group Class Client

We loved the intimate and open feeling of this class and how much we learned, laughed and cried. The small group and the open atmosphere created a really amazing experience and an opportunity to really get to know Jessica and the other parents in our group.

We expected to be able to learn about a lot of new things, but not quite in the manner that we did in this class. The class was less like a lecture and more like a conversation with a really knowledgable friend. And that made it easier to open up and to get into some of the more difficult issues in a very tangible way.

We had heard a lot of our friends talk about their childbirth classes with dread and boredom – that they were too long and were more like lectures with videos, so we did not know what to expect going into Jessica’s class. But we were so happy and surprised to find how much we loved going to class – even on Friday nights! We were so sad when they were over that we were not going to be seeing Jessica and the other parents in our group every week!

The classes were great! It made us face things we had not thought of – just because it was fun does not mean it was always easy. But we felt safe facing those things. I think we are as prepared as we can be!