Mike Wall - Doula Client

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We chose Jessica Chapman as our doula for the birth of our daughter, Loren. One of the reasons we chose Jessica as our doula was the balance she holds between having a strong clinical background and understanding of Western medicine while at the same time she holds complete trust, passion, and commitment to natural physiologic birth. She provides a nonjudgemental approach to her clients choices we didn’t experience with other doulas we have met. Her knowledge and calm demeanor supported my wife, Christine, throughout our home birth experience.

Jessica’s intuitive nature allowed her to help at just the right time, while also respecting the intimacy of birth within our relationship. I never felt her presence displaced me, but rather aided in details I may have missed if I was the sole supporter of my wife. For example, she made sure Christine was drinking enough fluids, and suggested ways she could rest between contractions when she was getting tired. From a father’s perspective, I appreciated knowing my wife was receiving all the care she could possibly need without compromising my direct role in the process. Jessica, having birthed two babies of her own, brings a female empathy I know I don’t have.