Helena Kretzer - Doula Client

Jessica has opened my eyes as to how every woman should have a Doula on their baby journey. I wholeheartedly feel that everyone should pick a Doula based on how comfortable they make you feel because you are going to be having them in the room at your rawest moment. Here is why Jessica made me feel the most comfortable and why I wholeheartedly think she is the most amazing, genuine, helpful, smart, funny and everything else great you can say about a person and doula. The first time Jessica came into my life I felt her energy immediately before I even met her. I felt like I knew she was going to be the one that was going to help our baby into this world. After meeting with her my husband I knew right away. She handles her business so professionally but you almost forget that you are paying her. Honestly her services are so priceless. We were able to do a package with her and took her birth classes as well as had her as our Doula. Her birth classes went Wayover what I feel like we would’ve learned at the hospital classes. They were intimate and personalized. She truly is such an educated person but will get real with you if you know what I’m saying! She really gets down to the nitty-gritty and honestly after taking her classes I felt so empowered to go into labor, I was actually looking forward to how my birth story would turn out. Knowing that she was going to be at her birth made me feel so comfortable but at the same time she didn’t interfere with the connection of me and my husband. I think that’s important that she made us an even stronger couple and how to handle everything we were going through. I ended up with a pretty long labor and she was there through the whole thing and she stepped in at just the right times and gave me strength when I needed it. I feel like I could get into all the details literally but then it would be a novel about how amazing my experience was with her. She has now become part of our family and will always share that life-changing moment with us and we are eternally grateful.

Update to my previous review: I am so proud to have had Jessica as our doula. Now as my baby is growing up I am so filled with gratitude to look back on my birth experience and becoming a mom. Thanks so much Jessica for coming into our lives and our sacred space! You truly are one of a kind! I know I could tell you in person in private but hope this helps someone considering your help in their journey!