Chris Ellis - Doula & Group Class Client



Where do I start?

Dads: I am a future dad and was going in expecting Jessica’s class to be a ‘mom’ centered class. However, I was wrong and in a big way! Her class was more for ‘dads to be’ than moms in my opinion. A lot of it was focused on the psychological aspect of the pregnancy process and not just physical (labor side of everything). Jessica focused on what your fears, thoughts, and wishes were for your (dad) experience; some I did not even know I had until she asked I about them which was crazy but great. I know the women in our life go through more than we can ever know or imagine and we are more than grateful for it, but it was nice to have someone talk about what I was feeling and thinking, aside from my wife. And to top it off, we have become very close with the 2 other couples in the class and have already spent time with them after class had finished. It is so nice to have friends that are experiencing the same thing you are going through and being able to have those relationships, we only have Jessica to thank. The class was very informative and was not the cookie cutter class I was expecting! You will be so happy you took it. I left the class feeling so comfortable about what was to come. Dad’s this is a class you will love to take, this is not your standard “breathing/ lamaze” class, this is a REAL LIFE class. Good luck!