Catherine Hildner - Group Class Client


I had no idea what to expect with a birthing class being a first time mom! I imagine birth can be a pretty emotional experience and taking Jessica’s class really helped sort out questions that I had, but also some personal fears and feelings I never even knew were there! If you’re looking for a cookie cutter kind of class that treats every birthing experience as the same this is NOT the class for you. I strongly feel that when people spoke Jessica truly listened, and offered comfort and solutions to whatever your birth/parenting fears might be.

I love that the class offered this sort of “safe haven” to be open about your feelings in regards to birth. In discussion there were no right or wrong answers, and no promises that things will go a certain way or in a certain order. My husband and I seemed to really bond with not only Jessica, but with the other people in our class. Having just moved to the state with no family around, establishing a group of friends who are “in the trenches” with us has proven to be invaluable. I would recommend Jessica over and over again. Not only is she a great person, but she’s truly great at what she does.