Carrie Chakravarthy - Private Birth Class Client


My husband and I took two private classes with Jessica. Jessica entered our home and immediately I felt at ease. She has such good energy. Before we started diving into the class, Jessica wanted us to simply talk, to get to know each other. I really appreciated this. I felt cared for and respected and within about 30 minutes of the class, I cried and confessed my biggest childbirth fears. Jessica normalized my fears, which I didn’t think was even possible. After our first class, I woke up the next morning feeling like a new mom-to-be. My attitude had shifted and I felt more relaxed, informed, and optimistic. My husband noticed this change in me, and he noted that he was feeling much better, too. We both believe that having Jessica as our childbirth educator was a great decision. We got a lot out of the activities and discussions, and we continue to talk about what we learned in class. Jessica is a very good listener and she validated all of our questions, even when we may have felt our question was too “silly.” I have told my OB and chiropractor about Jessica, that’s how valuable I believe she is for pregnant families. I wish I could send Jessica to all of my pregnant friends across the country!