Brooke - Doula & Group Class Client


I found Jessica on Yelp and couldn’t agree more with her other 5 star reviews.  I hadn’t given much thought to what “natural” childbirth entailed, I just knew I didn’t want an epidural.  I have a medical background and I knew the hospital classes covered more of the medical aspect so I decided to seek an alternative birthing class.  My main goal was learning pain management techniques since I didn’t want the epidural.  I read about Jessica’s classes and figured it wouldn’t hurt to go; my husband, on the other hand, was a little skeptical because he didn’t understand the role of a doula and felt like we already had all the information we needed regarding childbirth.  After just one class, we both felt so much more comfortable about our impending delivery.  After 4 classes, we felt much more emotionally prepared and it was nice to bond with our classmates going through the same experience.  We ended up hiring Jessica as our doula because we had a hospital birth planned and knew it was going to be a constant battle to have a natural birth in a medical setting.  I had a very unique labor (drawn out and pain-free until the very end) so didn’t end up going to the hospital until I was in transition.  This made for a quick delivery, but even so, Jessica was right by my side.  With the help of her and my husband, I was able to give birth without an epidural and my vision for a natural birth became a reality.  Before taking her classes, I felt confident about the details of pregnancy and birth but I was not prepared for the psychological component.  Her classes are are almost more like therapy sessions to get you to open up and discuss your fears and for that, my husband and I are very grateful because it forced us to talk about things I’m certain we otherwise would not have.  She is a wonderful resource for any and all questions during pregnancy, labor and delivery as well as postpartum.  I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone having a baby but in particular, anyone seeking a natural childbirth!