Anne Gevas - Doula Client


I have had two children and two very different birth stories. The first was full of fear, bullying, deception, anger, regret, some scary Cytotec, an Epidural and a beautiful baby girl. My second was fantastically better, thanks to my amazing doula, Jessica Chapman.
She began assisting me in the late weeks of my pregnancy. As we discussed my past experiences and planned for the approaching delivery, Jessica was very in tune with my fears and the lack of confidence I had in my own ability to give birth naturally. However, she also saw my deep desire to bring my new baby into the world drug and intervention free.
There are only a handful of moments I remember from my labor. The first was early in the morning as I was just beginning to feel steady contractions. Because I lacked many of the text-book signs of early labor my family did not trust that it is was time to head to the hospital. However, Jessica came down to my eye level, as I was sitting on my birthing ball, rubbed my knees soothingly, looked into my eyes and validated my intuition that it was time to have this baby.
Although I was managing pain well I still clung to the idea of an escape through Epidural. Without bullying or manipulating Jessica gently encouraged me to let that Epidural go. As birth intensified and it came time to push, the medical staff began to disrupt my space. They brought fear and judgment when they walked into the room, but I would look at my doula and she would reassure me and help me back into my “sacred space”. I am so grateful she was there to protect, support and guide me. She not only helped welcome my healthy baby boy into the world, she brought a more confident, powerful woman to life in me. I am already excited for future birth experiences with her. We are reaching for my big dream next: a home birth!