Allison Massari


Jessica Chapman is an extraordinary person, and anyone who has the incredible gift of knowing her and working with her is unquestionably graced by her. I have had the beautiful privilege of working with Jessica and seeing her speak at Eli Lilly and Company at two different events. Her integrity, kindness, warmth and professionalism were truly remarkable. Her presence while facilitating is just spot on. If you are considering working with her, congratulations on finding her. I guarantee you will be happy.

I vividly remember every time she has spoken about her passion for her work as a doula, facilitating childbirth education, and her concierge business. I witnessed a woman grounded deeply in her mission of caring for others. You are without question in very very good hands. She is one of those unforgettable people that leaves an imprint on every soul she meets.

Allison Massari
Executive Coach, Self-Mastery Coach, Keynote Speaker, Artist
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