Curious what we cover? Take a sneak peek at a sample class schedule...

Class One:

  • What does labor look like?
  • Exploring coping and comfort measures for intensity
  • Hands-on pain coping technique: utilizing your breath
  • Stages of labor Part 1: Late pregnancy to early labor
  • Maps to guide the emotional and physical process of labor (understanding both medical and internal maps)


Class Two:

  • Hands-on pain coping technique: utilizing distractions
  • Stages of labor Part 2: Active labor
  • How and when to time contractions
  • Physiology (hormones) of labor and birth
  • Optimal maternal and fetal positioning
  • Practicing positions, partner support and comfort measures for birth (includes rebozo techniques)


Class Three:

  • Hands on pain coping technique: advanced options
  • Stages of labor Part 3: Pushing and immediate postpartum
  • Informed consent: How to have a conversation with your care provider in connection rather than resistance. Also known as freedom to burn that 12 page birth plan: how can you and your partner handle each moment and decision that may present itself and make a decision about what is best for you and your baby based on the current situation?
  • Unexpected events, including how to have a cesarean birth in awareness


Class Four:

  • Wise and compassionate use of drugs and pain medication when necessary
  • Understanding and preparing for your postpartum experience (for both parents): navigating changes in relationships, visitors, meal delivery and more
  • Postpartum emotions: what is normal and what to look out for
  • Feeding your baby
  • Closing our time together: I can’t tell you more…it’s a surprise. You’ll be glad you chose this class!


*Please note thisĀ is an example of a four-week class schedule. These essential topics will always be covered. The processes we use to teach them, and when we cover them in our time together will be unique to the needs of the couples in the room.