Jessica Kane - Birthing Again Class

I highly recommend Jessica Chapman’s birthing again class! When I hoped for a natural birth of my first baby, I was very fearful of childbirth even though my husband and I went to the hospital’s birthing class and “practiced” at home. That class was very informative about logistics of birthing, but never addressed the emotional side. I ended up not going into labor, being induced at 41wks and having an epidural when I couldn’t get past a rough patch. Preparing for my second baby–well, I didn’t really. I thought I didn’t really need to since I’d done it before, plus I was pretty preoccupied with my toddler. That ended up in a cesarean birth. Third time around, I was determined to have a VBAC and I wanted it naturally. For this I needed a lot of mental and emotional preparation–which I had skipped altogether the first two times!

Enter Jessica Chapman. Jessica has an amazing way of empowering moms in their past birth stories. I had been carrying around so much guilt, shame and negative labels I’d given to myself for 5 years! This of course lead to fear about the pending birth of my child. But fear is the root of pain–it has no place in birth! Jessica was able to help me reframe the most scarring memories of childbirth into positive reflections of myself. I don’t mean just focusing on the positives, but actually re-labeling the meanings behind the negative parts of the experiences. This has been amazingly empowering! I feel like a new woman and a new mom. Jessica involves the dads in this class as much as the moms. She asked husbands to remember a point in birth that their wives were particularly strong and powerful. My husband’s answer was the exact moment I had felt weak and powerless and carried away so much guilt from!

Both partners work on emotional prep for childbirth. Don’t warn your husband before hand that there will be lots of talking about feelings and probably some crying in a birthing again class. ;-) But I can speak for my own husband that he found this work in himself to be incredibly worthwhile. And working with me through my stuff certainly helped strengthen our strong bond as we headed into the birth of our 3rd son.
He was born naturally at PUSH midwifery, thanks in a big way to Jessica Chapman’s wisdom and sensitivity!!