Birthing From Within Private Class Client


I found Jessica on an internet search and reached out to her in an email because I had hit a wall in trying to find a midwife in my area who would do the home birth I had been visualizing. She was so helpful and so encouraging in her detailed email response to me that I cried as I read it.  She took the time to help give me referrals but more than that she was so incredibly supportive and caring, she just knew exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.  I was in awe that this complete stranger took time out of her day to help me so much, it touched my heart. Through her recommendations we ended up finding our midwives who were absolutely perfect for us!

My husband and I had taken a group class at our local hospital. After a couple classes we realized this just wasn’t the environment or the curriculum that we were looking for.  I contacted Jessica again to see if she could do a private class for us.  Since we had taken another birthing class already she worked with me to make sure we weren’t going over the same things.  She customized each class to fit what we wanted to learn and talk about.  After the first class my husband and I agreed that this was not only fun but we felt so much more connected to each other. So we scheduled the following classes on Wednesday nights which is our weekly “date night ”  My husband who trouble focusing for more than 5 minutes and cringes at the thought of any class type situation actually stayed engaged and interested through each class. Jessica kept things fun, creative and very interactive.  We were able to use art and different exercises to express our feelings about the birth. We openly discussed our fears and Jessica was able to draw us out so we could release those fears as well as give us an arsenal of ideas on how to cope with the pain and how my husband could best support me during labor. It was amazing how much confidence it gave both of us.  Some people say that you forget everything once you go into labor, this was not our experience.  We had time to practice techniques together so that they became natural and almost automatic during my labor.  Our daughter was born on october 17th at 6am in a birthing pool in our living room.  It was truly the most intense and amazing experience of our lives!  We will always be grateful to Jessica for giving us the mental tools, emotional support and knowledge that prepared us for this journey and gave us the confidence to have the birth of our dreams!