Dylan Liebert - Doula Client


Our Baby Bodhi was born on May 5th 2013. My partner Maya and I went through an amazing journey in our laboring process. One of the most inspirational and encouraging parts of our birthing day was the presence and support of our amazing Doula’s. Jessica was with us the whole way supporting not only Maya, but myself as well. Originally, I had trepidation about enlisting the support of a doula. I for some reason thought  having a doula would get in the way of me being able to support my partner. This was not the case at all. Jessica’s experience and strength helped me guide Maya through the birthing process. It was a wonderful and valued part of our birth having Jessica there. I would recommend The Birth Concierge to any father who is welcoming a doula to help with their birth, or who is scared that it may take away from their experience, to invite Jessica to help you. Both you and your partner will receive a wonderful and gentle guidance and support. Again Jessica, Maya and I thank you for your help and support.